Private Islands…..

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Looking for a private, cozy place where you can enjoy with your boy friend or girl friend…(ok, even spouse)……. what about a PRIVATE

Private islands, with their bare beaches, 360-degree views and delicious solitude, are coveted by billionaires and celebrities.

The main incentive to owning an entire island is pretty obvious: keyword “private.” A huge margin of water serves as a far more effective barrier to the outside world than a stone wall, automatic gate or towering
privet hedge. There are no noisy neighbors!!!!

Well the Most Expensive Private Island is at nearly $40 million i.e Rs 180 crores, it is Isla de sa Ferradura, a Spanish property occupied by a luxurious resort villa.



Isla de sa Ferradura, $40 million thats Rs. 180 crores!!!!!!!!

The list of people who have owned private islands is long and illustrious.

Mel Gibson paid $15 million for his cliff-ringed Fijian retreat. Richard Branson wisely bought Necker Island decades ago, when it was still possible to purchase
such properties in the British Virgin Islands.

Thought the world’s richest person, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Bill Gates, is not known to own his own island, he reportedly toured Grand Bogue Caye, the largest available private island in Belize. Priced at $25
million, it has 314 acres and thousands of feet of pristine beach.

These are my chosen  private islands.. (obviously by looking at
photographs, dumb!!)

1.Temptation Island, Thailand

temptation island

This one is about $ 30 million, ie. Rs. 135 crores.

This 20-acre island reclines in sparkling waters off the east coast of Phuket, and is partly occupied by a resort. It features three swimming pools, a
helicopter pad and a concrete pier–not to mention romantic palm trees and white
sand beaches.

2.Blue Lagoon, Fijiblue lagoon


Isnt it lovely…….This one is priced at $25 million, ie Rs. 110 crores!!!!

Ringed by a coral reef, blue lagoon is about a mile long and totals approximately 225 acres. It has a mostly-complete resort. The design includes 20
luxury guest villas with marble baths, a dining pavilion, full service spa,
meeting rooms, a golf course, marina and dive center. The island has white sand
beaches on two sides, and is accessible via boat or air.

3. Leaf Cay, Bahamas…


This sexy Island is all yours at $19 million, that is only Rs.85.5 crores…

Presumably, its name is related to its shape. Leaf Cay 2 is pointed at one end, and has been fully developed. Totaling about 25 acres (15 of them above high-water), the island has 18 buildings.

These were  4 of the most expensive private islands….
Private Islands are even available at lower than $ 1 million, but they are for smaller people. ;D

Well, at least we can Dream!!!!

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